There are two (2) types of divorces or dissolution of marriage cases.

Uncontested divorce cases are “friendly” endings to a relationship.  This form of divorce is non-combative, where both parties in the suit agree to the distribution of all marital assets and a parenting/time-sharing plan for any children conceived during the marriage.  This dissolution is not very costly and can be performed in a short timetable.  The agreements of the parties will lead to less legal fees and court hearings, thus lowering the cost and stress of the divorce process.

Contested divorce cases are more complicated.  They involve couples that are in disagreement over the equal distribution of their marital assets and the parenting/time-sharing plans for any children that were conceived during the marriage.  There are a variety of motions that may need to be filed with the court to help determine the rights and obligations of the parties involved in this suit.  Along with these motions, there may be several mediation and court hearings scheduled to help resolve these disputes.  Because of the complexity of a contested dissolution, the costs are substantially higher than an uncontested dissolution.

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