Uninsured or Underinsured Coverage

Uninsured/Under-insured(UM) Motorist Coverage protects the policy holder and other eligible persons from personal injury damages suffered as a result of the negligence of another motorist that either does not have any Bodily Injury insurance coverage or has insufficient Bodily Injury liability coverage to compensate the injured party for their damages.

Remember, Florida law does not require Bodily Injury liability protection. The effect of this is that there are many drivers operating vehicles in the State of Florida that do not have any Bodily Injury liability coverage or who have insufficient Bodily Injury liability coverage. If one of these uninsured/underinsured motorists causes a collision which results in injuries, then unless you have UM coverage, you will BE LIMITED in obtaining full recovery for your injuries. This is the case regardless of how severe the injuries may be.

The standard Uninsured-Under Insured Motorist policy usually provides coverage to the named insured, their spouse, and all relatives residing in the named insured’s household. The policies also provide coverage to any other person who is occupying the named insured’s vehicle at the time of the collision. The effect of this is that if you purchase Uninsured ­Under Insured Motorist coverage, you will provide coverage not only for yourself, but for members of your family and any passengers that may be in your vehicle. The UM coverage follows the person rather than the vehicle. What this means is that if the insured person is injured anywhere by an uninsured motor vehicle, then his own UM coverage will apply and compensate him for damages as long as he meets the legal requirements for recovery.

The coverage applies to situations where the injuries are caused by: (1) a vehicle with no Bodily Injury Liability insurance, (2) vehicles that hit and run and cannot be identified and (3) phantom vehicles such as the situation where someone “cuts you off” and causes you to run off the road’or otherwise have a collision that causes injury. In these situations if you do not have UM coverage, even if you are seriously injured, your recovery will be limited to any available Bodily Injury and No-fault coverage.